Seconds… Minutes… Hours…
She realizes she isn't lost.
Tears escape her closed eyes.
A shiver runs down her spine
She feels his fingers slip off hers.
And gone is the sweet warmth of wine.
She misses his safe, warm embrace
The sure, soothing beats of his heart
The smell of dreams in his steady breath.
But, she knows she never can
Forget this life and live another.
She cannot wake up in another place,
Or build a world of her own.
As she walks into an endless maze.
She knows he's there
But he’s hidden. Out of sight..
She follows his secret trail,
Wading deep into the labyrinthine.
Yet, she isn't lost,
But he is lost to her...
Eyes closed and, counting breaths,
For him, she searches.
She waits for him.