(The Cries Of A Woman!)

I opened my eyes to my snow white wings.
Such a sweet melody, Freedom sings!
Wind in my wings. Goal in my mind.
But, me, to my nest, with chains you bind.

I crave to advance with a firm tread.
‘Why am I stopped?’, I said.
Why, but why, do you want me dead?!
Being not needed – It fills me with dread.

In quest of myself, I wander, lost!
Why must I smother the whispers of my soul?
Why must I cover my visions with frost?
Why, my life, must you control?

My spirit begs, ‘Stay Alive’.
Into the dark abyss, why force me to dive?
Why do you lust to drown me?
Me as your shadow, why do you crave to see?

I truly understand now,
Why I need to fight and how.

My mind commands, ‘Stride  abreast!’
When you can lead, why only follow?
There’s courage vested in my chest.
In my immense strength, I’ll wallow!

Because, I truly understand now,
Why I need to fight and how!

I used to walk on my own.
Rely upon my strength alone.
Now, let me walk on my own.
For, this world I have truly known!!


I wrote this poem a long time ago. It was a background-read (? I don't know what it's called) for a play. It's been two years and five months. Now, for absolutely no reason, seems like the perfect time to put it up here. :P