She's stretching herself out
Gathering all things dear.
She's slowly growing tall
While pulling herself up.
Cuts on her knees,
And bruised fingertips -
They don't keep her down,
They don't slow her down.

She ignores the yells and screams
Asking her to stay hidden.
She holds her head high,
And walks straight ahead.
She's dreaming of a world
Where she isn't held back
Just because she is a girl and
They think she's weaker than the rest.

Cut off the sharp string of fear
With which you're pulling her to the ground.
And watch her soar high.
Watch her fly in the skies.
Don't let the darkness in others
Extinguish her flame.
Help her fire burn bright,
Stay as she lights up the world.

The person in the mirror -
She sees courage in her eyes
Power in her stance,
And belief in her smile.
She stands up for herself
And others like her.
Because she's ready for the world.
Even if the world isn't ready for her.