Sometimes I just want to go away.
To be alone. To set my own rules.
To define my boundaries. And test their strength.
To draw a line. Stay inside. Walk on it.
Erase it off. Draw another.

Sometimes I just want to walk.
Go where my feet takes me. To find own way and follow it.
To choose my own destination. Or to walk till I reach one.

Sometimes I just want to find myself.
To know what I am like. To know what I like.
To discover the person I am. To know who I want to be.

Sometimes I want to choose.
To pick a shade, to choose a colour.
To make my own decisions. To make my own mistakes.
To stumble, and find my way again.

Sometimes I just want to live.
To live, to breathe, to love.
I want to live without being judged. I want to breathe the air I want.
I want to love whom I want.
I want to live and be silly. I want to breathe and feel free.
I want to love and be loved.

Sometimes I want to be the girl I'm afraid to be.
Sometimes I want to be the girl I am.


You write about things you see or stories you hear. But you write what you feel about it - there's a bit of the author in every story.

In the past few months, I've heard a few stories. Most of them... I wish were just stories. They made me think about a lot of things. Made me wonder 'What if?'. What if I was in their place.

So, this one is for every person in those stories as much as it is for me.


A poet - A bookworm, definitely, a bookworm - A photographer - A simple person who loves music, making craft-y things - haunted by nightmares starring stairs without railings, spiders, snakes.