Being honest and being nice, the way I see it, are two completely different things that hardly ever overlap.

You are nice to people you like. You are nice to people when you don’t want them to hate you. You are nice to people maybe because you are a nice person. (At least, that’s what you believe.) But, you must know that honesty keeps you from hating people.

People you love might have a few habits – might do a few things – that you hate. Hide these little things, and one day you might wake up to the realization that, the people you once could not live without are now the ones you cannot live with! All those things that you had swept to a corner of your mind, in favour of being nice, might flood your mind and leave you with nothing but resentment.

Would the people who love you be offended if you prefer honesty to niceness? Would you want the people who love you to suffer silently by not hurting your feelings with the truth?

These people would probably want to know what you think and not what any random nice stranger would!

Possibly, the only time when you can be both honest and nice is when you don’t have to work on either.

I thought, at the end of each post, I’ll share what made me want to write on that particular theme.

For this post, it is “Dr. Wilson’s failed marriages”;  yes, the television series character. Dr. James Wilson of House M.D.