He walked alone.
Wind. Snow. Rain. Sun.
To his father, the only son.
Did it matter if the earth stood still or spun?

He walked alone,
His handsome face marred by a frown,
Bricks of grief weighing him down.
Should he swim, or simply drown?

He walked alone.
‘Son’, his father refused to call him.
In his eyes, anguished tears brimmed.
The aura of love around him, dimmed.

He walked alone.
Cursed because he loved another?!
Home, he knew no other!
Forsaken by his own mother.

He walked alone.
As grief left his lashes wet,
He swore he’d never forget
Happiness was in his debt.

He walked alone.
Assured that no one understood this –
The choice had never been his!
Wrath, would he willingly kiss?

He walked alone.
Wind. Snow. Rain. Sun.
He walked alone.
Because he loved another man’s son.

- Arya

As long as there is enough love in the world, does it really matter who you love?