This is what (I think) Abhimanyu’s words to Mukthi will be if he writes her something. Yes, I have some explaining to do. Abhimanyu and Mukti are characters from the Hindi serial, Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan.

Escaped sympathy’s scalding waters
That poured down like a monsoon night’s rain.
Unable to see her face in pain,
My life for a lie, I bartered.

To smile, I taught,
While mine remained.
Yours, like a rain in the drought.
But I kept a secret – I was maimed.

I never thought, that smile, I’d love.
I never thought my love I’d hide.
‘Cause only pain I meant to hide.
And I never meant to fall in love.

I’d hate to wipe that smile away.
So, I have to walk away.
I just don’t see another way.
No destination. Just a way.

- Arya

A friend of mine, a great story teller, watches this serial and narrates the story to a group of friends. And yes, I am a part of that group..

The character, Abhimanyu, is someone every single person would want to befriend. His story seemed like something I’d write about. So, I decided to go on and do it.

A possible spoiler alert, maybe?

This poem spans the period of time from a few days before Abimanyu leaves home (when he realizes he is sick) to when he disappears from the hospital.