Music’s been a huge part of my life.. So, I decided to write about it. :)

The tiny whispers in my ear –
They keep me going.
The spells cast by black and white
Show me there’s magic still!

A pulled strings comforting words:
Answers to my unsaid prayers.
The constant beats, rhythm’s friends,
Steady those of my stuttering heart.

My life’s highs and lows..
Mirrored by tender notes.
Lips to wood. Dancing fingers.
A song in the wind. A smile on my lips.

A bow dragged over strings
Gives me the songs of my soul!
A bridge built with only words.
Fingerprints grazed the railings of symphonies.

As the soulful strains put me to sleep,
The words give me courage to wake up again.
They hold my hands. On either side
As they help me find my way.

- Arya