Hope & Magic

I’d been thinking if I could write a poem with someone else’s ideas. But I soon realized it isn't easy to remove my ideas and just, well, 'write'. I tried.. ;)

The prompt was ‘Magic’ and the only thought in my head was: Hope is magic.

And that thought became a 'little' different... :D


Eyes closed and fingers crossed.
Wishing and willing into existence.
The seed of belief buried deep.
Safe from the cast nets of doubt,
From suspicion's frosty gaze.
The fierce, silent battle
Against everyone and yourself.
A flickering, undying light in the dark.
A thing of beauty to be seen.

Eyes wide and fingers clasped.
Questioning but believing the existence.
The seed of belief buried deep
And spinning nets alongside doubt,
Welcoming suspicion's curious gaze.
The intricate, stirring dance
Of intimidation and awe.
Sudden, soothing beats in the silence.
So much more beautiful when unseen

The magical thing called hope
And hoping for magic -
Isn’t that what life and love is all about?

- Arya
(with ideas borrowed from my friend, Niranjan )


A poet - A bookworm, definitely, a bookworm - A photographer - A simple person who loves music, making craft-y things - haunted by nightmares starring stairs without railings, spiders, snakes.